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Films, podcasts and articles where ‘Elegy for an Elephant’ is discussed and considered within broader landscapes of mental health awareness, the arts and children’s literature.  Ryan is available for interview and other speaking opportunities. Enquire within. 

Unboxing the advances

Between my sisters (the two birds), opening up this first box of advances was one of the most special and surreal moments of my life. Between the two covers, the story of my family’s processing painted with my entire heart and soul. The book itself has come out more luminous than I ever imagined. I reflect that the death of my father has given rise to new life – for artists refer to our lived experiences in our meaning and making. 

Early artistic visions

This video, filmed in August 2022 for grant material applications is a snapshot of the early visions and artistic shapes I imagined for ‘Elegy for an Elephant’ (in an earlier phase of the project). In this video, I discuss how this book would have helped me in my darkest hours, and therefore appreciate it’s benefit in being able to support so many others navigating the shadows of post-suicide complex grief.

Podcasts and Radio

Interview with Deborah Knight: 2GB Sydney Radio
Helping kids impacted by suicide. 

Mahasoma: Vedic meditation teacher Laura Poole and Ryan discuss ways in which Ryan has transformed his own grief and learnings into a gift of healing and hope for the world. 
Visit Podcast Website * Listen on Spotify 

The Good People Podcast: Andy and Ryan discuss the proverbial elephant in the room and bereavement by suicide.  
Watch the Youtube Recording here. 

Word for Word: Hosted by Lisa Daniels from Joy FM. 
Listen to the recording of the interview here. 

The Shtick: Hosted by Henry Greener 
Watch the Youtube Video here. 


Reviews and centrepiece articles

“Ryan’s elegy for an elephant” by Rebecca Davis (Australian Jewish News).  

“Each of Ryan’s tenderly drawn images smoulder between light and shade, dancing with nuance and complexity. His sketchings are weighted in honesty, drawing on the natural world to grapple with one of the most universal of human experiences. Grief and loss.”

Kids Book Review by Elizabeth Vircoe.
“This book gave me goosebumps and ignited my sense of awe on almost every page. I pored over the beauty of this book, for a long time. A long time. We know that picture books touch readers in many ways. This one reached straight into my heart in the best way, and it’s possible that I won’t ever be quite the same again.”

A whale, 2 birds and a lioness looking at the sky.