Narratives of Nature is a space for stories inspired by our human nature and the natural world.

About the Author

Ryan Abramowitz is a Melbourne based artist, writer and storyteller who draws inspiration from  the natural world and our relationship to it; especially human experience, between and beyond sea and stars.  Combining a Bachelor of Design (Honours – University of New South Wales) and a Master of Management  (University of Melbourne) Ryan has worked in marketing, brand experience and communications across corporate, freelance and not-for-profit settings. 

Through his business ‘Today Tomorrow Forever’, Ryan feels honoured to paint wedding certificates with bespoke artworks that celebrate the love story of each couple.  He is always seeking to offer artistic expressions that resonate, excite and inspire audiences.  This is his debut picture book.

Author's Note

Rumi, the mystic poet observed, “The wound is where the light enters”.

From the lived experience of losing my father, I understand the complex grief suicide leaves in its wake.  I have reflected further on my story and the importance of dialogue around mental health here.  I hope that ‘Elegy for an Elephant’ will help those in grief (and the communities helping them) to feel seen, supported and carried in their healing journey. 

May it bring some light to your wound.

I look forward to bringing many animal allegories and narratives of nature to the world, awakening the wonders within all of us.  My daily immersions in the bay allow me to connect with my oceanic essence – Wonder the Whale.  


Thank you to my beloved sisters Gina, Nicole, and Mom (the birds and lioness of my life) whose voices are woven into this story and who have walked alongside me, and a heartfelt thank you to all those in the community who have and continue to be there for my family and I.

Thank you to all those across the mental health care community and beyond for your thoughtful and ongoing advice with refining the manuscript; Dr. Diana Sands, Dr Gabe Phillips, Dr. Greg Roberts, Brandon Srot, Margrete Lamond, Laura Poole, Lindy Zillman and Yuli Dar. 


Thank you to all those for your help with the becoming of this book: Alex, Alice, Cinnamon, Chloe, Danielle, Elana, Elka, Errol, Emma, James, Jamie’s Booba, Jane, Julia, Kylie, Lauren, Liz, Matt, Matthew, Max, Rebecca, Rochelle, Suzanne, Suzy, Tracy, Trevor, Yesim, and the lovely staff at St Kilda Library and the Australian Writers’ Centre. 

Thank you to those friends, family and donors whose generous contributions through the Australian Cultural Fund enabled me to invest in the production of this book.  This book was also made possible through grants from Roses in the Ocean and the City of Port Phillip.